About SchoolYard

What is the purpose of SchoolYard?SchoolYard was created for high school students, by high school students to connect with each other and share ideas, opinions, news & more! The most important part about the high school experience is exposure to community and friendship. This can be done easily with the Brand New SchoolYard App!

Our Mission

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we noticed the connection within school communities was broken. Social distancing guidelines made it difficult to feel a sense of normality between students. As high school students, we realize how difficult times are.
Schoolyard is on a mission to change that, by providing a safe place, where students can communicate with others within their school community. We have made it easy to share opinions, ask questions, and chat with other students at your school!

Meet The SchoolYard Team

The SchoolYard team is constantly working to provide the best possible experience for all users by maintaining a safe, user-friendly application
Amogh GanjikuntaFounder, Developer, CEO
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Keevan LeechSupport, Web, Marketing, Design
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Aaryan ChitnisSupport, marketing
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